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Consultation On The Future of Health Services in Dorset

Dorset Clinical Services Review

NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group has launched its public consultation on the proposals contained in its Clinical Services Review. The Consultation ends on 28th February 2017. The Review covers both community services and hospital services and proposes some significant changes. In this Consultation period, people who live and work in Dorset and people in neighbouring areas who use health services in Dorset have the chance to find out more about what's being proposed, to have their say and make their views known.

On our new Clinical Services Review page you'll find three short guides Healthwatch Dorset has written about the Clinical Services Review and also links to the official NHS Dorset Consultation Document, their Consultation Questionnaire and a list of their "drop-in" events round the county where you can find out more.

Commenting on the launch of the public consultation, Healthwatch Dorset Chair, Joyce Guest, said:
"This public consultation at last gives the people of Dorset the chance to get involved in decisions which will shape our health services for the future. We urge people to take this opportunity. Find out more about what's being proposed. (As well as the information the NHS is putting out, we've produced our own short guides which are on our website healthwatchdorset.co.uk, including one about what the NHS legal responsibilities are to involve the public in service changes.) Go to one of the meetings the NHS is organising if you can; ask questions; make your views known; fill in the questionnaire and let the nHS know if  you think what they're proposing will result in better services.
It's your NHS and it's time to have your say."

Click here to see our own guides to the Clinical Services Review.

Once you've read them, we'd like to know what you think about the official Consultation Document and Consultation Questionnaire.
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