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Local people influencing the design and delivery of health and social care services


Get your voice heard!


Get involved with our creative project, “Be yourself: everybody else is taken”. This project is for people aged between 11 and 25 and enables you to tackle any issue in a creative way. You may be struggling with identity, living with a mental health condition or caring for someone with a health condition. You may have had a really good or really terrible experience with your doctors or social services and want to express how you feel. 
You can write a poem, short story, blog, debate or article. You can do a film, photograph, illustrate, design. Be as creative as you like but all entries must be digital. All entries must be digital.

Any films created will need to be uploaded to a video hosting channel such as YouTube, Vimeo or another website and a link will need to be sent to us.
All entries will be reviewed by Healthwatch Dorset. Those that are successful will be published on our website.
All entries will remain anonymous, unless you choose to identify yourself in your entry.

Please fill out the Application Form below, either entering the URL of your entry if it is already online, or uploading your file. Then press the SUBMIT button at the end of the form to submit your application.

If you have any queries, please email us at beyourself@healthwatchdorset.co.uk.

This is your chance to help us influence the NHS and social services and make positive changes. 

All entries will be monitored by Healthwatch Dorset and kept in line with the Data Protection Act.

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