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Local people influencing the design and delivery of health and social care services


Our work programme

Healthwatch Dorset has an overarching annual work programme, which identifies our priority issues for the year and is developed using an agreed decision-making and prioritising process. 

That process uses as its starting point the experience of local health and care services shared with us by local people and recorded in our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Alongside, we consider other current local priorities identified by our local NHS and local councils. 

In determining the priorities for our annual work programme, the process involves us weighing potential issues against several common factors. Those include: 

* What evidence we have about the issue 

* What is its likely impact on the community 

* Whether the issue is already being effectively dealt with by another organisation 

* Whether there are any timescales involved and whether we can make an impact within those timescales 

* Whether there is a likelihood that we can make a difference 

* Whether the issue is something that’s also a priority for our local NHS and/or local authorities 

* Whether the issue has a particular impact for particular people or groups

Our full decision-making and prioritising process, and our current work programme (which was set in April 2016), can be downloaded below.


Download our decision making and prioritising process

Download our work programme for 20172018

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