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Speaking up about health and social care services


Your story can change local health and care services

Use this form to share your experiences, good or bad, about health or social care services in Dorset, Poole or Bournemouth. Tell us what you like and dislike. Please complete all the fields. The more detail you can give us (for instance if it's about a particular experience, what happened, where and when it happened and who was involved), the better able we will be to use your feedback to build up a picture of people's experiences of services.

Any details you give us will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988. Your feedback may be shared with those responsible for health and social care services in Dorset and may be used in Healthwatch reports and publications, to influence the ways services are delivered in future.  But your comments will always be treated anonymously and we will not share information that identifies you personally without your permission.

If your message is about a general enquiry or you just want to get in touch, please use our Contact form instead.

For example - appointment times, cleanliness, information, staff attitude etc.
List the services used. For example, the name of the GP Surgery, the hospital, care home name and so on.
Tell your story here. What was good? What could have been better? How did you feel about your care
Please tell us when this happened (ideally the month and year - e.g. "May 2014". If you cannot remember exactly , then please tell us as closely as you can - e.g. "in the last eighteen months").
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Please enter your postcode here.
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If you give us your email address, we can keep you in touch with any feedback or changes to the services you have commented about, or with any investigations into services we are conducting and that you might like to contribute to. We will not share your email address with anyone else.
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